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[RP LOG] first-date jitters

EVENT: The Dating Dance Pt. 2
CHARACTERS: Sebastian, Delos
WARNINGS: Slash, Language
SUMMARY: Delos considers intellectual suicide as he and Sebastion hunker down at Cornerstone. INCOMPLETE.


Sebastian: *The keys to his car still naked in his hand, he made his way down the stone-patterned edge of the sidewalk leading to the cafe. It was nearly seven fifteen, full dark had settled upon the campus and the only lights were from the dim lamp posts scattered across the walkways. He'd dressed down. A pair of black jeans, black boots along with a simple grey-blue tshirt beneath a white dress shirt. His coat was long, the interior a burst of jewel-tones. A bit much, he supposed, but it was comfortable and was one of the only casual coats he could find in his closet. A bit expensive for a college student, but then again he wasn't one. Reaching the entrance of the cafe, he stood before the door, before pushing it open with his hand. The air of smoke and alcohol hit him almost as hard as the raw sound of an acoustic guitar. Quickly stepping inside, he scanned the room, past the throngs of students and swaying bodies. And there you were. Sitting in your dark corner, camera case at your elbow.*

Delos: *is concentrating hard as he tries to get through Kirkegaard yet again for his philosophy class. An existentialist at heart, he takes a sip of wine and curses at the book in front of him* Goddamn, can these guys talk in circles any more? Maybe circles within circles to make a lovely little spiral of death pattern? *rolling his eyes, he pinches them shut and rubs at the bridge of his nose. Argh, if he doesn't get some fresh air soon, he's going to go cross-eyed. Sighing audibly, he shuts his book and moves to get up, intent on taking a breather. However, the sudden sight of you walking towards him stops him in his tracks, surprised etched over his face* Fuck, it's seven already? *recovering quickly, he flashes you a smile* Sebastian! I see you made it here in one piece. *and that coat... he can't stop himself from snorting at that thing*

Sebastian: *Arching an eyebrow, he moves the keys into his other hand and slips them into his pocket. Soren Kirkegaard. Heavy, tedious reading for a Saturday night.* I managed. So what of this proposal you have for me? *Pulling out a chair, he sat across from you, eyes intent on your face. The amusement was evident on your face and it took a bit of will to keep him from asking the reason for it.*

Delos: *openly rolls his eyes at you* Check your business face at the door, man. I appreciate your straight-forwardness, but now's not the time. *giving you an apologetic smile, he gestures towards the coffee bar* Why don't you get yourself a drink first? We can unwind over talk of how much of a blowhard Kirkegaard is, and then if business happens to come up later, then it happens. *hopes this isn't going to severely piss you off. After all, even though he finds the prospect of having you model for him thrilling, he asked you out here because he's interested in getting to know you*

Sebastian: Has anyone ever made a comment on your brashness? *Shaking his head with a smile, he lets out a sigh. You were right. He was still carrying around his business aura.* I won't be drinking anything tonight. To be honest, I want a shot of cheap whiskey. But I would prefer to get over the bit of anxiousness without it. *Settling his hands atop the table, he laces his fingers together.* What would you like to talk about?

Delos: *breaks out into a wide grin as you have no idea of what you've just gotten yourself into with that question* Do your balls shrivel up and die if you've been inside that stuffy office for too long? *taking in the blank look that's just fallen over your face, he knows he's surprised you. And that amuses him greatly* Seriously. I was only in your office for about a total of twenty minutes the other day, and I totally had to do a little testicle juggling after I got out of there, lest my poor buddies try to twist in on themselves. That whole place is so uptight that it almost made me sterile.

Sebastian: *You'd caught him off guard with such a curving question. He liked to think that his office was Spartan in style rather than sterile. But then again, it had been purposely designed and decorated the way it was.* No. That office is only utilized for conferences such as the one I had with you. It is not supposed to be welcoming. It is purposely constructed to be uncomfortable. *Face relaxing into a smile, he tucked his feet beneath the chair, he kept his eyes trained on your face. Unlike this cafe, with its relaxing atmosphere and reassuring decor, an office should keep those utilizing it alert and those that come in it uneven.*

Delos: *laughs quietly* So you like to watch them squirm, eh? Sadist. *watching your expression twitch, he motions over to one of the few waitresses that this place affords. He'd promised you coffee and a live show, and he's not about to go back on his word* You should order something. The open mic won't open up for another half-hour, so we have some time to kill.

Sebastian: I don't necessarily enjoy the squirming. It is useful when attempting to negotiate a deal or create an impression of severity. It's useful to me, especially since I often receive clients or potential workers who approach me with the impression of youth and inexperience. *Unclasping his hands, he picked up one of the laminated menus resting on the tabletop and skimmed through it.* What kind of people typically pick up the mic here?

Delos: *reads the text on the back of the menu momentarily* Uh, well, let's see. It's a Friday, so you're going to have a few of the courageous drunk frat boys get up in front of the mic in order to try and woo the pants off some girl. *placing his tongue between his teeth, he shoots you an amused expression* Thankfully, the artistés, will keep their numbers down to a minimum. Which means we'll be hearing more bad poetry than badly-renditioned Poison songs.

Sebastian: *Setting the menu aside, he places one hand over the other once again on the table. Water. Perhaps. Woo some girl. That got him to wondering exactly what song you would sing if you were to drunkenly attempt to impress someone. Turning his head to the side, he looked around to the other tables. The cafe wasn't full to bursting, but was a good number of people. Most sober, although there were a few loud exceptions.* Poetry. So what you're telling me is that I should not be expecting any Keats to be recited?

Delos: *smirks* Exactly. Unless you count the guy working the register. But his name's Keating, so... *relaxing back into against the booth, he flashe the waitress a smile as she approaches*

Sebastian: *The waitress approaches, asking if for your order in a sweet-toned voice. Scribbling down your response, she turns to him with an equally brimming smile and he asks for a bottle of water. Repeating the orders, she bounced away again promising to return quickly. Licking his lips, he had to catch himself. He'd been staring. Without realizing it. How embarassing, juvenile even.* Do you come here often?

Delos: *shrugs* Kind of. It's a nice place to come when I need to study. *with that, he points half-hazardly at the philosophy book, still cursing Soren in the back of his mind* And really, the music's not so bad. It gets a little busy on the weekends, but I usually don't have time to stop by then. *because god forbid Noin ever spend a Friday or Saturday night alone. If she wasn't already attached at the hip to Zechs*

Sebastian: Sounds interesting. My University didn't have something like this cafe. It was much too small, too stuffy for anything like this. *Settling into his seat, but still keeping his back ramrod straight in the chair, he shuffled his legs.* It would have been more enjoyable if there had been. *Then again perhaps not. Attending a University full of elitist, stick-up snobs and pampered boys didn't exactly tend to breed people he would have enjoyed associating with. Although there had been a few. He'd enjoyed his time spent there for what it was. but hadn't lamented being done with it.*

Delos: What can I say? Public education has it's perks. *settling into a warm smile, he reaches up to scratch idly at an itch near his temple* It's rather nice for those aformentioned weekends. Though my friends and I usually don't wind up here, there are a few other places like this around campus where we go to hang out. *like the Robin Hood, where Noin winds up with her face in her beer and he's left trying to busily keep Francis from being found out by the bouncers*

Sebastian: *Returning with a tray balancing both his water and a large mug, she placed both beverages near the center of the table and he thanked her, offering up his own quick smile. Turning his attention back to you as he reached out for the bottle of water, he unscrewed the cap and took a drink. With his work, free time was nearly nonexistent. A difficult position to be in, but he had managed to deal with it. Sacrifices had been made so that he didn't have to be under the whim of anyone bu himself. But even then, it was rare that he would take time off for himself. Like he had tonight and he was happy that he'd done it. The longer he sat, the more interested in you he was becoming and a frown edged along his brow as that thought popped into his head.* The only benefit of a private education, attending the institutions I did was that it prepared me well for a heavy work-regime. *Shaking his head, he threaded a hand through his hair and laughed.* That must make me sound aboslutely dry.

Delos: *tilts his head at a slight incline* No, but you don't mind if I break out with anxiety attack at the mere mention of that, do you? *he grabs two creams and about six sugars off the small carousel on the table as he prepares his coffee. Catching the surprise in your eyes, he drops his own gaze to his hands and tears open the cream containers* Ah, that's one thing that I didn't put on my resume. I... have a tendency to break down sometimes when in very pressured situations. *pouring the contents of the packages into his coffee, he crumples them in his hand* So you were very astute in turning me down. But - *setting the empty creams off to the side, he picks up a few of the sugar packets and rips the corners open* - I have rarely had to encounter such situations on my own small, student circuit, so... I guess it all works out.

Sebastian: *He didn't want to justify his reasons for not hiring you. And he had the feeling that you wouldn't want him to expand on his reasoning or offer up some sort of assurance. So he his reponse away from that.* Of course I don't mind. Everyone deals with pressure differently. I've learned to allow my assistants aid me with my work so as not to feel weighed down. Otherwise I would probably be one of the many CEOs who crawl into depressions or launch themselves from their office balconies. *Letting out a small sigh, he jerked his head toward the stage, the searing feedback of the microphone being turned on catching his attention.* I believe they're beginning.

Delos: *sees how you're going to have to wrangle around to see the stage and internally berates himself for his poor seating choices. Of course, he's never had to account for anyone else's view when in this booth except for Noin's, but if he remembers clearly, she was more concerned with giving Merquise a thorough dental clean instead of seeing the stage* Would you like to move to a better spot? I didn't realize you'd have to turn around like that.

Sebastian: *Turning back around, he throws you a placid face. In the same manner that it seemed to interest you to watch his reactions, he enjoyed watching your emotions play across your own face.* Then shouldn't you scoot over and offer me a place on your side of the table?

Delos: *snorts, both amused and surprised. Earlier, in the office, you hadn't struck him as exactly forward like that. But he doesn't mind the discovery, especially since it saves him from having to maneuver the conversation around* Sure. Just let me - *careful of it's fullness, he gently pushes his mug of coffee over to the side* - move this thing out of the way, and then you can come over. *can't help the indecent smirk at that one*

Sebastian: *Touching his tongue to the side of his cheek, he smiles. So now it was his comments catching you off-guard. Interesting. Sliding out of the booth, he stood and walked over to you. As you scooted to the end of the seat, he sat back down again. It wasn't as crowded as one would think. You kept your left arm firmly atop the table and his own barely brushed yours when he settled himself. The smirk you'd give him was still on your face and he couldn't help but smile as you brought the coffee up to your lips.*

Delos: *sips, careful of the danger of burning his tongue* Comfy? *he can feel his face heating with a small blue already, but he can't help himself from pointing out the obvious humor. He'd always been a cheeky brat*

Sebastian: *Eyes trailing from your eyes down to you lips, he lets his gaze linger for a bit before turning his attention back to the stage.* Yes.

Delos: *lightly bumps your elbow with his* Good. *he nods* Cause the show's about to start. And it looks like Enigmatic Jule is opening. *somehow keeps a straight face even though he's grinning like mad. To think that he wouldn't be able to recognize the simple fact that you were staring at him...*

Sebastian: Enigmatic Jule? *Watching as a young man with short-cropped hair and a lop-sided grin tapped the microphone with his hand and cleared his throat, he let himself relax into the booth.* Is this singing or bad poetry?

Delos: *nods over to where said young man is being handed a guitar by one of the shop staff* Music. Enigmatic Jule is an acoustic trio, though it appears the other two members are either late or absent... *he quiets as the young man starts his introductions, listening for any possible reason of why the guy is appearing alone*

Sebastian: *Mono? The other two had come down with the "kissing disease"?* I see. So the other two have been felled by sickness and the trio has become a solo act.

Delos: *is laughing again. Ahh, mono. Noin's own personal bane* Excuse me. I was just reminded of a personal joke and - *he snorts, cracking up again* - I think I'll need a moment to let it pass. *oh, he was going to rib her for this one. It'll be so easy too, since she mentioned something about having a class with the one female member of the group. He'll have to remember to clear all the sharp objects out of the room first*

Sebastian: *Immensely amused, despite feeling a tiny bit left out, he shook his head, watching your shoulders shake. When you laughed, it was with your entire body. Your shoulders moved, hands clutched either at your stomach or the coffee mug and your face contorted, skin-tone flushed.* I will give you your moment---*hearing the obvious sound of his cellphone vibrating within the pocket of his coat, he quickly stood up snatching his coat from his side of the booth and removed the phone before sitting back down beside you.* Yes? *It was goddamned Daisuke, his main assistant.* I cannot speak with you now. *A short pause.* No. Absolutely not. I will converse with you about this later, Daisuke. *Another rapid outburst of protest on the other line.* If it is this urgent meet with me in a few hours. Two o'clock. I'll open up the building for you. Yes. Yes. Goodbye. *Shutting off the phone, he took in a sigh, turning toward you, face dripping in apology.*

Delos: *sobers as soon as he hears the mention of work. Two o'clock? In the morning?! Either you are insane, or you aren't kidding about your job being high-pressure* The office? *feels a tinge of sadness and sympathy creep into him. Argh. While it was annoying that you might have to cut the date short, he still didn't want to keep you from something if it was truly important*

Sebastian: More accurately, my assistant. Apparently a set of contracts have gone missing. Nothing too serious, although he seems to think so. *And Daisuke was too goddamn high strung at times. Absolutely excellent in terms of filing, organization and order, but worked even longer hours than he did. Willingly.* I'll be heading out in a few hours to open up the building for him. *Shaking his head, a strained smile passed his lips. He could already tell it was going to be a long weekend.*

Delos: *Damn.* Are you sure you don't want to go take care of it now? I wouldn't mind. *he had the urge to grab his own tongue and pull until he'd be able to step on the damn thing. What he was saying was practically suicide fof not only this date, but any future encounters as well. Still, he couldn't stop himself from making the offer. Nice guys always finish last, mainly because they manage to gut-punch themselves right before the finish line*
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