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[RP LOG] first impressions

EVENT: First Encounter
CHARACTERS: Sebastian, Delos
WARNINGS: Slash, Language
SUMMARY: And so Destiny sits down at her spinning wheel and entwines two threads together on a day when Delos is feeling particularly ADHD...


Delos: *shakes his leg nervously as he looks around the stark office. Whoever works here must be a real robot from the looks of it; another soulless corporate whore. Still, he's gotta figure out a way how he's going to appease - Sebastian A. Cain, by the nameplate on the desk - without vomitting in his own disgust of the industry machine. Itching for a cigarette or at least a mocha from that little coffee shop on the edge of campus, he checks his watch, wondering how long this guy is going to make him wait* He's probably standing at the watercooler, feeling up some secretary's skirt.

Sebastian: *Walking through the secondary door leading to his office, he carries the thick portfolio in his hands. Acerito, Delos. It had been a day of meetings after meetings. Another large campaign that they were short photograhers for. And This man...boy? Standing in wait for him had applied for a position.* I apologize for the wait. *Making his way confidently over to you, he holds out his hand.* Sebastian Cain. You would be Delos Acerito, correct?

Delos: *his eyes widen when he sees you finally walk in. The picture of you that he had in his head jars against the image before him now. Suit and tie, yes, but in no manner of your being do you reek of the massive chauvenist that your name plate had lent him to believe* U-uh, yeah. *catching sight of your hand, he rises from his chair and extends his own. He can't tear his eyes away from the contours of the musculature of your palm as he pulls you into a grip that is surprisingly firm* And you were expecting something else, idiot? He is a businessman after all. *his throat dry, you watch as his fingers slide from the back of your hand*

Sebastian: *Well this was a surprise. Young, yes, but he hadn't expected to see such a shocked expression on your face. As if he would either tear your throat out or crush you with the press of his hand. Not allowing his face to immediately release what he's thinking, he motions for you to sit down as he moves to sit behind his desk. Placing the portfolio open in front of him, he takes the time to look over your resume one last time before settling his hands atop of it.* I am not here to give you any sort of false hope. Rather, I am here to acknowledge that you have talent. A large amount of it. But it is not what I'm looking for at the moment.

Delos: *can't help but notice how the light plays over you. The big window behind you makes for the perfect natural set. Already coming to the realization that he would kill for the chance to have you model on a shoot for him, he tries to focus when he hears you talking to him* Fuck! And his hair. That's gotta be the most perfect goddamn pose! *sitting on the edge of the chair, he shifts his weight a bit with the residue of his previous nervousness* Have you ever thought about doing some modelling work? *doesn't even realize that he's cut right into your conversation* It's gotta sound lame, but if you were able to see what I'm seeing right now... *excitement curving his lips into a smile, he quickly dives into his bag to dig out his camera* Would you mind if I took a few shots? Because I can't just pass up a scene like this. *unearthing the camera, he's unscrews the cap and hurriedly looks through the peephole*

Sebastian: *Managing to keep his cool, he stops in mid-sentence. What the hell is he thinking? A model? Attempting to fix his face back into a pleasant mask, he finally smiles up at you. How old were you? That intensity, the barely contained want...if only your portfolio hadn't exposed that you were a creative photographer. If he had been judging only on the technical ability, the angles, the shadows and the ranges in quality...he would have hired you in a second.* And what exactly are you seeing, may I ask? *God help him, he was amused. Interested, even. He'd been asked the question a few times before, but he'd never taken it seriously. But now he had a stranger pointing a camera at him and all he could do was sit and smile.*

Delos: *from behind the camera* It's really all because of the light, but - and could you please not smile like that? Everybody smiles for pictures. *sliding out of the chair, he walks over to the right side of the room and crouches down to get an angle looking up at you* Keep your face natural. *snaps a few shots before coming in a little closer, this time taking almost all of your head save for that strong jawline of yours out of the picture* You wouldn't be free and interested in a cup of coffee later, would you? *snaps a couple more before crossing to the other side* Cause I'd really like to talk you some more; about the modelling thing and whatever else hits your fancy, you know? *shrugging, he smiles behind his camera* Say yes. Say yes, you bastard.

Sebastian: *Surprising even himself, he does as you've asked. Closing his lips, he doesn't even have to make an effort to relax. Amazing how simple it was to let himself be guided, but honestly... I've lost it. I'm sitting here letting myself be photographed by some kid instead of pushing him out of my office. * Free? Perhaps. *Turning to face you once again, his face once again implacable.* Interested? Perhaps. What are you up to Delos Acerito? I am the CEO of one of the company you've applied for a position in and I've rejected you. I ask you now, what do you think would 'strike my fancy'? Give me an answer worth my time.

Delos: *hears the word "rejected" and lowers his camera* Well, shit. There goes another possible job down the tubes, but meh. Wasn't exactly expecting to win this one in the first place. *recovering quickly, he rests a forearm across one of his bent knees* Actually, I am going to ply you full of compliments until your resistance to my proposition of modelling is nil. *is up front and unapologetic about it. He has the feeling that you don't exactly mind that either* And I also want to see if my hunch about you is right. *rocking back onto his heels, he stands to his full height. The camera lies tucked against the subtle but prominent curve of his hip. Moving to place it back onto the seat of his chair, he looks up at you* You're queer, right?

Sebastian: *As the head of a comapny and someone who was used to having surprises and twists thrown at him...his eyebrows don't go shooting up beneath his bangs, nor does he gape at the brashness of your question. What a boy. Pushing the chair back, he stands and closes the portfolio. Walking around the corner of the large desk, he grabs a business card and and a pen, scrawling his number quickly on the back. Handing it towards you, he smirks.* I will be honest. I think you're a little too young for me. But you've managed to get my attention. I don't have time today, but perhaps later this week. It was nice to meet you, Delos Acerito. I wish you luck in acquiring work.

Delos: Holy fuck, he actually gave me his number! *glancing down at the card, his lips twist into a giddy smirk* Is this your pager or...? *makes a vague hand gesture as he shoulders on the strap of his messenger bag. The camera is quick to follow, cradled lovingly against his hip again. He's not exactly sure if what is happening before him is actually real* And you don't exactly strike me as looking like an old man. *quirks an eyebrow at you as his smirk widens into a beaming grin*

Sebastian: *Slipping his hands into the silk-lined pockets of his coat, he smiles again.* It's the number to my cellphone. And I am not quite an old man, but then you don't appear to even graze 23. *And that painfully happy grin. The look on your face made you look even more painfully young.*

Delos: You'd be surprised, Sebastian. *afraid of wearing out his welcome, he heads for the door* Thanks for taking a look at my portfolio. *runs a hand up to scratch at his hair in an indulgent gesture before he reaches for the handle of the door. The curls immediately fall back into his eyes, but he's too happy to really care right now* I just hope that what is his company's loss won't be his as well.
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