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just a poor jujube vendor

[RP LOG] popping the question

EVENT: The Dating Dance
CHARACTERS: Sebastian, Delos
WARNINGS: Slash, Language
SUMMARY: Delos follows up on his earlier promise of a call.

Sebastian: *Letting himself fall gracefully against the plush cushion of his office chair, he runs a hand across his face. It had been a stressful day compromised of firing two inept lab techs and being chases around by two of his assistants. Bitchy models and even bitcher photographers. He winced, letting out a deep sigh. He would be leaving to go back to his empty apartment just as soon as he finished catching his breath. What a day. Just as his eyes fluttered shut, the sounds of his cellphone ringing shocked him out of his contemplation and he fished it out of his coat pocket, flipping it open It was a blocked number. Frowing, he pressed the answer button.* Hello. Sebastian speaking.

Delos: *on the other end, he smiles into the phone while stirring the curry boiling on his small open range burner* Just who I was hoping to catch. This is Delos Acerito calling to see if you're still open on taking up my offer. *grabs a piece of sliced banana and pops it into his mouth before dumping the rest into the curry*

Sebastian: *Frown dropping away, he adjusts the phone to his ear, a smile catching his lips. Delos Acerito. The photographer.* Your offer. *He licked his lips, straightening up in the chair as he tugged at his tie.* I have the day open tomorrow. Where would you like to meet? *And despite keeping his voice so even toned, nearly clinical, he was interested. In you, in what you wanted...why exactly you seemed so intent on him. What could you possibly want with him, aside from the supposed proposition?*

Delos: *smirks on his end* Bingo. *adjusting the phone in the crook of neck and shoulder, he clucks his tongue* There's this great little coffeeshop just within the edge of campus. Books, the aroma of the java, live sets in the background... *turns the heat off on the curry and fetches a bowl from the ikea-esque cubby-hole/cupboard* Think a suit like you would be able to unwind in such an environment?

Sebastian: *A suit like me? He let out a short laugh at the description. A suit.* Potentially. I suppose we shall see once we're both there.*Tugging away the black tie, his hand came away with the sleek fleur des lis patterned material. It had been a while since he'd gone to a cafe, much less with a college student. What the hell was he going to do with himself?* Although you will be disappointed, as I will not be wearing a suit. *At the office, they were fine, but this was not business. At least, he didn't think it was. He would already be standing out too much in a crowd of students.*

Delos: *snorts* Disappointed? *laughs into the phone* Actually, I was going to suggest a change of clothes, as one look at you and the antidisentarianetablishmentists would go absolutely apeshit. *scratches at his chest through his ratty t-shirt* Seven o'clock for our date with danger sound good to you?

Sebastian: Sounds fine. *Date with danger? The phrasing made him rethink his decision for a split second. What had he been thinking? A wide smile and dark curls falling over a laughing face and he'd readily agreed to...something? A date, he smiled to himself.* I shall see you then, Delos Acerito.

Delos: *smiles on his end, unbelievably amused at his own seeming prowess in this affair* The place is called Cornerstone. Practically everyone on campus knows where it is, so if you get lost, just stop and ask for directions. *snitching a pot-holder off a nearby shelf, he grabs the small pot of curry and starts pouring it into his bowl* You can find me sitting in the back, trying to ward off the cigarette smoke with bad poetry and a little vino. I'll be waiting, Sebastian.

Sebastian: *Dropping the tie onto his lap, he begins tearing at the buttons of his shirt, deflty undoing the first two. Undeniably, your call had peaked his interest. The manner in which his name seemed to roll of your tongue seemed so casual, as if you were used to saying it in that smirking voice.* And I shall make an attempt not to keep you waiting. For too long, anyway. Goodnight, Delos. *He found himself smiling as his is hand settled once again on the arm of the chair and he pressed the end button. He wasn't concerned about having curtly ended the call. After all, hadn't you called him?*

Delos: *waits until he has all of the curry in his dinner bowl before he moves to take phone from it's perch on his shoulder* Well, well. *considers that to have gone VERY well; he wasn't even sure you'd remember him. Now, however, he can't wait until this time tomorrow night, where he'd be able to meet with you face to face*
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